Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I intend for this blog to play host to at least one novel in progress. While I'm not quite prepared to start it yet, hopefully by the end of November at the latest (National Novel Writing Month, which this will not be a part of) I'll be writing and posting a single page of a novel each day, and perhaps more. Page length will be roughly equivalent to the number of words per page in any fantasy novel you could pick up on a store's shelves, especially as I'm going to be writing such a novel here. We're talking in the range of 250-300 words per page.

This will be, obviously, the first draft of any such novel. It may feel flat and lacking in detail at some points, or move too quickly from scene to scene. Basically, I'm going to be writing a glorified outline of the final product, which I will eventually go through page by page and revise, expand, and edit carefully. Real-time feedback of the "constructive criticism" sort is very welcome.

And I'm saying it right up front: spam, trolls, and flames will be deleted outright from any comments. I don't currently expect to draw much attention, but this is my forum, which means my rules, so if shit happens I'm getting rid of it as soon as I find it.

All that said, I'm currently debating on two plots of equal attractiveness to me. Either of them is the most likely to get chosen to be written out here, though a new idea may whack me upside the head in the next month or two, so who knows? I'll be writing a paragraph or two on each plot (and maybe some of the conventions of my "verse" that will provide some very basic cosmological background to every story) within the next day or so.

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