Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ground Rules

Okay, laying some ground rules for myself when I get started on the writing.

First, I will write every day. At least 250 words, shooting for 300 or even 400 if I can.

Second, I cannot build up a "credit" against future days except in the case of planned absences where I won't be able to access a computer or the internet. That is to say, if I sit down and write 500 words one day, I'm still obligated to write 250 the next day. And the next.

Third, if I miss a day and violate the first rule, I will perform penance. So to speak. Specifically, the next day's writing obligation will double. And this is cumulative. So, if I miss a day, the next day I have to write at least 500 words. However, if I miss two days, I don't have to write 750 words on the third day... I have to write 1000 (doubled and then doubled again). And if I miss three days... Well, I think you see a pattern here. I consider it a bit of incentive to keep up.

There are a handful of exceptions to these rules. The first is unplanned but unavoidable absences. I refuse to acknowledge a built up "penance" for hospital stays, spending time with an ill family member, funerals (and I warn you on these last two that my grandmother is currently pretty frail; I don't want to have to rush off because she went into a coma or died, but I will, no matter the "obligation" to a blog), or having to abandon my apartment due to a fire or something.
In the case of catastrophic computer failure, I will continue my writing by hand and then go to the town library or the internet cafe ("cafe," he says with a scornful laugh. "They only have a vending machine for soda and a couple shelves full of junk food") once a week and type it all in at once. Providing my computer is out of commission for a week or more.

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