Friday, November 17, 2006

Dramatis Personae

Far, far from complete cast of characters. I'll either edit this post to add more as I name them and define their precise role, or write another such post. Editing this one is most likely, as new characters can easily crop up during the writing, and others fade out. Note that the information presented so far is the characters as of the beginning of it all, for it is supposed to stretch over some time. Certain goals will be achieved, opinions may change, people may move up or down in society. But there's nothing for generating sideplots like working out one's cast of characters.

Gideon Fane, narrator, gentleman, infamous for his study of magic and with many scandalous rumors surrounding such practices and his social life (inspired most directly by Dorian Gray and Oscar Wilde, a touch by Jonathan Strange, and also a different character of mine from previous amateur works)

Michael Donovan, friend to Gideon, gentleman and aspiring lord-mayor of The City, who struggles in his political aspirations due to his long association with Gideon (the friendship between Gideon and Michael, with its problems, is based off of a previous brief exploration of the same idea)

Angela Donovan née Silverstein, Michael's wife, popular society lady, dislikes Gideon but for no reason she can place since she doesn't believe the rumors about him, and despite her mild dislike she still often finds herself acting as mediator between her husband and Gideon whenever they start to argue (no particular inspirations I can place except maybe, very indirectly, Arabella Strange) -- ADDED TO December 13th, 2006

Anthony Park, Michael's primary foe in the local political arena, something of an opportunist, glad to have Gideon to use against Michael (think of any mud-slinging politician you know of, but without the vehemence and overt viciousness of major elections in the United States these days, but plenty of subtle insults and insinuations, who only comes out directly against something if he can use it to cast some guilt-by-association aspersions upon someone)

Daniel Donovan, Michael's brother, impoverished by a sizable debt he owed to Park, which was called in at the worst possible moment, when much of his money was tied up in various endeavors; very proud, wouldn't let Michael help with his debt; he went overseas after losing almost all his property over the debt when Park proceeded to sue him for not paying -- ADDED December 11th, 2006

More to come, eventually.

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