Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Brief Hiatus Possible

This is not a story post. I've got an extremely painful toothache at the moment that is demanding an emergency visit to a dentist today, but my normal dentist is on vacation. So, the person covering for her may have to just prescribe me some kind of painkillers instead of performing any kind of oral surgery, especially as I have already had several teeth removed previously and taking any more is a drastic step -- and a root canal doesn't just happen on the spot. The pain is serious enough that I took 6 aspirin in 2 hours (recommended dosage: 2 every 4 hours) with no signs of change; all I can do on my own is keep the area numb with cold water in my mouth, and that's starting to fail.

If no oral surgery happens, there's a chance I may get some painkillers of the "make you wonky" sort, and if that happens there's no chance I'll be able to do much of anything, this included. If the situation is sufficiently altered in time for me to write a page for today, I will do so, but even so I'm reserving today at least as a probable loss, and I may be worthless for even longer. So, fairly warned.

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