Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Posting Schedule Changes

This is not a story post. My computer's troubles are solved, but I've had to move in the meantime and do not currently have an internet connection where I live. I can visit the town library to get online, but they limit how much time one has on their computers at any given time -- only an hour. I can, lacking any blocks in my mind at the time, write a page in an hour, but there's other stuff I need to do online in that time so that my writing might not necessarily get done. As well, the library closes early on Fridays through Sundays, meaning I can't get to it in time on those days to really do anything.

That said, I'm changing my posting schedule. What's going to happen is that I'm going to write each day's page on my own computer, and then each Monday bring that week's accumulated writing down to the library on my flash drive to post. That means a minimum of 1750 words at a time, most likely more. This will continue until I either get a job to be more comfortable about getting my own connection, or I get so sick of having to come to the library that I damn the cost and get a connection anyway.

Barring complications, I'll have some story for everyone Monday.

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