Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"Continuity Core," CTC, pt. 7, 430 words

Mudry turned as he threw himself to the side, cracking off several shots at the body. He hadn’t switched to armor piercing rounds, though, and shots ricocheted wildly off. One struck a nearby drone and disabled it.

When he landed, he landed hard. Mudry fell on a drone, knocking his breath out, but managed to roll with the fall and kept away from the gun tracking after him. He rolled back out of the way, knowing the gun would catch him soon. It was probably dead luck, or something else, that had kept it from filling him with holes already.

Rijn’s movements took her by the nearest leg, and she hooked a hand around it to help change her path as she went by. The gun stuttered to a momentary stop when its field of fire crossed over the walker’s own leg. She took the opportunity to toss herself beneath the walker’s heavy armored body, moving with precision born of experience and jumped-up reflexes. Mudry may have been a better shot, but she was just plain faster.

As she rolled beneath the walker’s body, she opened fire. The pistol kicked four times and then she was out from under the walker, rolling on until she drew herself up on her knees.

The walker jerked to a halt, listing a little on one side. Mike stepped forward immediately, now that the danger was clear, and began to examine it closely.

“Low levels of neutron radiation,” he said, “but increasing. The power plant has been breached.”

“Holy shit,” Mudry muttered, getting to his feet. “What is going on in this place? First a fabber, now there are radioactives on hand? Is there some kind of super secret end-of-the-world bunker hidden down below our feet?”

“Whatever the case may be,” Rijn said, “let’s get going before we soak up too many grays. Unless you really don’t like the idea of having children, anyway.”

“Fixed already, thank you very much,” Mudry responded, though he hurried to catch up to Rijn as she set off down the hall again. Mike followed, silent as he ghosted after them.

Rijn rolled her eyes. “Wonderful. Can we focus now on the mission at hand?”

They continued in silence for several minutes, scanning the walls for any open doors as they went through the hall. After more than half an hour of their slow, deliberate pace and more turnings, Mike spoke up.

“We seem to have come back to near where we started. This hall circumscribes the main complex, with access to all four exterior sides of the building.”

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