Monday, July 07, 2008

"Never Special," Introduction, pt. 1, 260 words

I was never special.

Oh, I’ve been… different from a lot of people. Most people, in fact. More than 99% of the human race, or 99.99%...

I have powers. There’re more than ten thousand people out there with powers now. There’s no formal census data, but the last estimate I saw suggested about fifteen thousand by the end of this year. And it impresses people, at first, but there’s no end of clubs out there that are far more exclusive. Hollywood movie stars, Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel laureates… Lots of things that, at the end of the day, people aspire to more than just being powered. Things that people respect more than being powered. Or, at least, my particular set of powers.

I’m super, but I’m not special. I can fly, I am functionally invulnerable, I’m inhumanly strong, and I’ve got speed on my side. Of those maybe-fifteen-thousand powered people out there, easily two thousand have that same power set. That’s still less exclusive than the Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes. I’m not sure about major Hollywood stars. Those that anyone remembers, anyways.

I just got my powers two weeks ago, actually. The first night, they were exhilarating. Now, they’re just… what a lot of other people already have. They don’t make me great, and I can’t believe they ever will. It’s not like I have the talent or training to use them all that effectively. I’m still a loser, but now I’m a super-powered loser.

You know that old maxim about power corrupting? It’s wrong. Power doesn’t corrupt. It distills.

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