Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Never Special," First Meetings, pt. 1, 385 words

I’m walking home from the movies, a late showing of some eminently forgettable action flick full of explosions, when I hear the glass breaking. The noise comes from up an alley. A quick glance up and down the street confirms I’m the only one around. Well, what the hell. I’ve been looking for an excuse to try out my powers ever since I got them, really try them out like I’m an actual hero. And if I’m the only one around…

Eagerly – a little too eagerly – I hurry up the alley, trying to step softly. Other people like me, they’d probably use their flight to hover along silently and get the drop on whoever’s down there, but I’m not like, uh… people like me, I guess. I don’t have nearly enough control over my flight to just skim a couple feet off the ground slowly and silently, so I tread as lightly as I can up the alley.

I spot, just barely, a human figure ducking away from the broken window, but the alley’s a dead end. Nowhere he can go. Striding forward confidently, or as confidently as I can manage, I boldly declare, “Hey, uh… Oh, geez, um… Halt? Who goes there?”

Kill me now, God. Just get it over with.

“Uh, keep—keep back,” the figure stutters, in a pathetic attempt at yelling the order. His voice is just a little too thin for him to have a good yell. “Come no closer! I’m the dreadful, uh… the horrible Doctor Dreadf—no, I mean, uh…”

I immediately relax. A would-be supervillain, and one who calls himself “Doctor.” He’s probably so early in things that he doesn’t have a single weapon built, just trying to steal stuff for the first steps of his mad plot. He’d be a pushover if I felt like being a bully about things.

“What are you doing,” I ask, stepping in closer. I’m moving cautiously, even though I really have no reason to be cautious here. This may be a dark alley late at night, but I’m hardly the one at risk here.

“Keep back,” he yells again, a little more force coming into his voice. It’s almost a good voice for villainous and threatening declarations, almost, but it’s so close it’s worse than if it was farther away.

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