Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Never Special," Introduction, pt. 4, 334 words

I don't even have an interesting personal background or origin story for my powers. I grew up lower middle class in the suburbs, my parents divorced and living with my mother, me the only child. A few friends, none very close, and few foes, none of the sort to come back and haunt me as an adult if they got powers too.

Average grades, average performance on the soccer team, average with the clarinet. Tried pot once in high school, ended up coughing out more than I breathed in. Tried beer once, to much the same effect. Went to an unremarkable college and came out with an unremarkable degree in political science, and went on to an unremarkable series of clerical jobs. Right now, I keep the files orderly in a dentist's office.

An accident awakened my powers. A drunk driver ignored a stop light and tossed me a good ten feet down the street. I later found out that if things had been a little different – if he had been sober, had a green light… basically, if it had been me acting irresponsibly instead of him – then he could've sued me for reckless use of powers, even though I wouldn't have known I had powers. Still, he got taken in once the paramedics checked him out, since he was driving drunk. Me, they made sure I wasn't hurt and then sent me on my way.

Yes. It's become just that routine in some places. It turns out about 75% of power discoveries involve an accident, and about half of those are car accidents. Nobody still knows what about these situations brings out powers people hadn't manifested before, but it's so commonplace as to be non-notable now. The common theory is that powers first manifest due to some stress, like our bodies kicking out enough adrenaline, but I'm not sure I even had enough time for that to happen when I got hit.

Still, if there's an utterly normal superpowered person, I am it.

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