Monday, September 15, 2008

Next Project: "Lords of Light"

Well, Arshan's first story is finished (I fully intend on revisiting him someday), and now I need to prepare for the next project: Lords of Light. I intend on spending the next month or so researching ancient Sumer to try to get the feel and structure of their society down, as well as the monomyth.

That doesn't mean this site will go fallow for the next month, though. Starting this coming Sunday, the 21st, I'm going to be putting up pages from various other things I've been writing on the side. Mostly you'll be getting further pages of Never Special, which has become my half of a collaborative project with a friend. If she feels like it, I'll give her posting access here and get her to put up related pieces of her half of the story. Even so, it's not all done in a single, flowing narrative, but in scenes here and there. Eventually, it'll be fairly broken up and skip a lot of time. We need to sit down and work out the precise plot (we know the general flow of it, just not all the specifics), so we can fill in all the extra details.

Otherwise, you're likely to get bits and pieces from the perspectives of different characters as I try to get a grasp on them. Mostly I do this for characters I play in games (yes, I am a nerd; as if writing fantasy wasn't a big enough clue), but sometimes it's to get into the head of someone I'm writing, so you'll also likely see more bits and pieces here from Far and Aristide's perspective. The other major talker in this case will be a man called Yuan Li, a telepath from a science fiction game I'll be playing soon.

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