Sunday, October 05, 2008

"Never Special," Costume Concerns, pt. 2, 356 words

I dig as deep into my cramped little closet as I can, and— ugh. I do have a costume, I realize, stuffed back into the package it came in and then shoved into the back of the closet. For good reason, too. It'd been worn once, and that was enough, at a party last Halloween. The package showed, like any adult woman's costume, a fit, slender woman showing off ample cleavage, dressed in this case in a black bodysuit with a few daubs and lines of make-up on her face, and felt cat ears perched on top of her head. A sexy cat costume guaranteed to please normal guys and zoophiliacs alike. Well, on anyone but me; the bodysuit had been tight around the stomach and baggy at the chest, something in the make-up gave me a rash the next day, and the cat ears' headband tended to get tangled in my hair. That would be my last Halloween party, I had decided. My last date, too; the guy had been cute, but an asshole.

I toss the costume back into the closet and shake my head. I'll check a costume shop after work tomorrow, but if I can't find anything then I guess The Office Temp will go out to meet her nemesis for the first time.

I really, really need to figure out a better name, though. I think I'll sleep on it.


At work, I spend my lunch break looking through the yellow pages for costume shops. You'd think it wouldn't be hard in a city like this, where supers are thick as flies on a dead body. You'd think that, but you'd be wrong. At Halloween, everyone goes to drug stores and department stores to pick up costumes that are only out through October, or makes their own. I don't really want a prepackaged costume anyway, because for women they only come in one design: sexy (or, depending on your perspective, slutty). Like the cat costume I had, a lot of them are form-fitting with lots of breast exposure. Not ideal for someone with a body like mine, or for fighting crime.

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