Monday, October 06, 2008

"Never Special," Costume Concerns, pt. 3, 357 words

As far as regular, dedicated costume stores, with stuff that's sturdier than tissue paper and doesn't bare my chest to the world by default, I found one. Oh, I found plenty under the "Hero Accessories" category in the yellow pages. But those places cater to people who want fireproof fabric that wears like cotton, armored and bulletproof coats so they always look badass, and no end of gadgets for escaping and disabling various death traps, superweapons, and robot armies, and to incapacitate the bad guy nonlethally while doing it. In other words, a lot of stuff I can't afford on a secretary's salary.

The costume shop is on the other side of the city, but it's not like that's an inconvenience for me. Once more, I appreciate not having to drive or ride anywhere anymore if I don't want to. As long as it's not raining, I like flying, the one unquestionably positive adjustment to my life that these powers have brought. Flying above everyone makes me feel... not so insignificant. I understand, from that position, how some people with powers start indulging in rampant egotism, seeing everyone else as inferior just because they don't have powers. But then I look up, and see the others flying higher, faster, beautiful and with amazing costumes, and realize that I'm not so different from those below. There's still someone higher up than me. Oh, I could ascend to a higher altitude, fly at the same heights as the greats who fly above, inscrutable at so great a distance, but I wouldn't really be one of them.

I shake my head and come back to earth, figuratively speaking. I don’t want to sparrow against a window, so I need to keep my mind on where I’m going and what I’m doing. It’s not that I’m worried about hurting myself because, after all, when you throw a rock at glass, it’s not the rock that gets hurt. I don’t want to end up cited for a hit-and-run against a whole building. I have an hour after work before the costume store closes, and I really don’t need to get held up.

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