Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Never Special," Encounter, pt. 6, 385 words

"Amanda," I say, and it's like someone else is speaking the words for me. "Amanda Park."

She blinks and opens her mouth a little, obviously caught off guard for a moment. She didn't expect a normal name. She expected something like Shatterforce. Then she regains her composure, and it's like the moment never happened.

She chatters on all reporter-like for the next few minutes, professional and polite and probing. I barely remember what she says, running on autopilot as I consider the implications of what I just went through. They'd flashed across my mind earlier, but now they're unfolding with terrible immediacy, accompanied by the interview and camera right in front of me. My life is about to change, irrevocably. It's already changed. This is bigger than gaining powers.

This is being noticed.

Martinez nods to her cameraman, and he turns the camera off, carries it back towards the van. I'm left alone with a woman I would've given my right arm to be alone with just this time last year, and she's looking at me again. She leans close and my chest grows tight, nervous not because she's so beautiful but because she's beautiful and I still love Nefarious, despite what he's done.

I'm caught between him and her private little smile as she hands me a card and says, "Call me if you intend on showing up again and want some attention." Her smile spreads out to a grin, and as I take her card I can't help but wonder, Is she flirting with me? She's certainly making me one hell of an offer, one that any start-up hero would die to have. Her eyes flicker down, and oh God she's looking right at my crotch and I'm just in my underwear and she's still grinning, possibly even wider, as she says, "Though you might want to work on your costume. It doesn't match." And then she walks away, towards the van.

It's not until after the van leaves that I can move again. People are still watching as they drive by, but they're easier to ignore now that I've been under Lucila Martinez's eyes. Still, it's not a pleasant feeling, being watched by that many people. I throw myself into the sky, and away.

My skirt is long gone from the skyscraper.

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