Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Into the Looking Glass, 219 words

Have you ever stood between two mirrors, and looked? Set them opposite each other, and stare straight into one at yourself. Try to look over your mirror-shoulder, and see what's there behind you and in front of you. Watch infinity spiral away into the depths of the mirrors, everything becoming distorted, blurry, dark. It's so infinite that not even light can move fast enough to keep a true reflection back and forth.
Stand there for too long, and you begin to feel exposed. All that yawning depth of the mirrors is open before and behind you. A countless number of You is watching you back through the mirrors, though each successive one obscured by the one in front of it, until your first reflection blocks all others from your vision. If someone walks past between the mirrors, you can see them, all of them. All of him. There's so many you never notice when one turns to watch you as they pass by. An infinity of people, waiting on the other side of a reflection. And they're all You, and they're all Him, and they're all of Us. And as they get farther away they become more distorted, touched by the infinite darkness in the depths of mirrors.
Do you really want to ever go through the looking glass?

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