Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Olefin Temporal Society, pt. 1, 395 words

Xaxox is the former home of the Olefin Temporal Society. The Olefin Society was a college of mages dedicated to studying the nature and shape of time, and ways beyond it. Their "great work" was the initiation of a temporal slide that would allow them to see the very beginning of the universe – and then beyond, to see what came before. The pet theories were many, though the most popular supposed an undifferentiated "chaos," or perhaps yet another universe whose end permitted the present universe's birth. Eno Hawkin was the first of the Olefin Society to initiate a temporal slide, some 400 years ago – or not.

Records of the Olefin Temporal Society exist in a few libraries and collections. These are considered apocryphal by most, as outside of this handful of references, the Society's existance is completely unsupported. No college named "Olefin" is in any nation's tax rolls, no bards tell tales of Olefin wizards or their students, and no texts of arcana mention the society. In almost every sense, Olefin never existed. The only records of the college are their own, found in bits and pieces in cities across the known world. Whenever the Olefin Temporal Society is brought up in a meeting of mages, many present are quick to denounce it as an elaborate yet bizarre hoax. The only book known to give any credence to the records of the Society is The Illithiad, authored originally by the now-missing Strom Wakeman. This has unfortunately made many suspicious of the scholarship and authenticity of what is an otherwise impeccable text, compiled by Wakeman's friend Asmus Anagoge of the Arcane Order, after Wakeman's disappearance.

This is in truth because of the catastrophic results of the Olefin Society's experiments. Eno Hawkin reported to the Society that he managed to reach the edge of time and then escape Outside, exposing himself to horrors that threatened his body and mind both. His colleagues never believed there would be a literal "outside," an other-planar space beyond time. Hawkin disappeared shortly thereafter, possibly while trying to provide proof to the Society of the dangers of this Far Realm. When the wizards of the Olefin college continued working, they eventually had the same successes Hawkin did. However, this happened on such a scale that the spellworkers of Olefin precipitated a temporal breach, drawing the college across into the Far Realm itself.

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