Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Olefin Temporal Society, pt. 2, 563 words

At first, once they realized they had escaped time's flow, the wizards of Olefin were thrilled. The foremost among them, an elf named Daruth Winterwood, immediately ordered the stabilization of the breach into a portal, and tethered the earthburg the campus still stood upon to a great, alien "tree" near the portal. They also shielded themselves and the campus from the energies of the Far Realm. The wizards intended on turning their college into an outpost from which they could explore the Far Realm and exploit any available resources. Perhaps the madness ate at their minds already, that they could not see the horror and strangeness of the place, that they could even contemplate the exploration and exploitation of the Outside. Some, who had kept their senses and sanity, fled the Outside and Olefin both, leaving behind the profane light that bathed everything in foulness and death. They were fortunate, for tragedy soon struck.

Many of the wizards working to secure Olefin were struck by a wave of energy that stormed across the Far Realm, one that warped and shredded countless layers. When it struck the layer Olefin college hung in, the radiation instantly mutated dozens of wizards and sorcerers. They became kaorti, to whom the Material world is anathema. As the energies of the Far Realm poured into the Material Plane, the Material Plane energies seeped outwards. Time invaded the Far Realm, where it was not meant to be.

The kaorti immediately went to work, driven by the pain of the Material world to seal the stabilized portal. Drawing on the great magics they had known in their mortal lives, the kaorti unraveled the spells keeping the temporal breach open. However, their work was marred by haste and their alien thoughts. The spells broke apart catastrophically, shutting the temporal breach but blasting time with a fantastic rebound that nearly erased the Olefin Temporal Society from all history.

It was as if the Society never existed. Its members who escaped were suddenly wizards studying other fields of esoterica, while the grass grew thick and tall where the college had stood, uncut for decades. Only a few scraps, artifacts of a missing time, survived in the Material world. And the kaorti, in the Far Realm...

Eventually, as can be reckoned Outside, Daruth Winterwood discovered what had happened to all those outside the college when the energy wave hit. He held off the encroaching kaorti with all his arcane might, while his fellows who had survived within the school fell to become kaorti themselves. His mind assaulted and his body exhausted, Winterwood tried desperately to open a gate to the Material world and finally escape. The gate never opened, but the attempt drew the attention of something else.

A being of the Far Realm, a chaos-god, followed the magic back to the intruding Olefin college. There, it discovered a host of creatures that tasted of the Outside yet not of the Outside, and a single being that was completely foreign. The chaos-god, curious in its alien fashion, tore open Winterwood's skull and touched his brain.

Winterwood's consciousness exploded, his last vestiges of sanity shattering. The chaos-god flowed across the neural paths of his brain, eradicating Winterwood's mind with the sheer power. In that infinite instant, the chaos-god took the closest approximation of its name that could be rendered by a mortal tongue, calling itself Xaxox.

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