Sunday, April 26, 2009

Orulan, pt. 2, 527 words

She came to me again that night, while I slept, whispering my new – my real name. “Orulan,” she called me, and twined her coils around my body, cool scales against warm skin. And she showed me the truth of my life.

Like a serpent, I had lived my life. My parents worked hard as datapushers to pay the bills, sifting trends and statistics through the neural jacks in their skulls, so they had to leave me in day care as soon as they could. I made connections, acquaintances, and friends as best I could at that age, but eventually they pulled me out of day care for pre-school. I shed all my friends, forgetting them in days. Again, they pulled me out of pre-school for regular school, and I forgot all my friends.

Elementary school turned into middle school, and even though they didn’t pull me away, I worried my friends loose like a skin and came out a new person, dropping old connections for new as my mind matured and my interests changed. We had to move here to Seattle just before I went to high school, and I barely gave my old home a second glance. Frankly, I was kind of glad of it, because the emotional baggage of the place was starting to weigh heavily upon me. And once high school ended, I managed to get into university for pre-med, and then eventually medical school. Each step of the way, I made new friends and lost track of the old. Each step of the way, I learned more about myself, stripping away self-delusion to get closer to the core of my person.

And now, the Serpent whispered to me, it was time to change again. And at her behest, I dropped off the grid of modern society entirely. It was the most liberating moment of my life, when I realized how completely I had left my old life behind.

This is my life now. I move purposefully through layers of self, stripping away what I must as often as I can. I feel that if I can get to the essence of my being, the core of my reality, I may someday attain the enlightenment which the Serpent had dangled before me like a fresh-picked apple. She gave me a glimpse of it when she gave me my name. Someday, someday, I will sever all my worldly attachments and reach the truth of who I am and the universe I live in.

Until then, though, I feel compelled to help others along the way. The Serpent showed me a glimpse of who I am, that beneath it all I share a kinship with her. And if you look back in myth and legend, you’ll see what I experienced: the Serpent shows the way. The Serpent always shows us the way, if we dare to take it. She showed me the snake within myself, and so I know that I must take up the duty. Not everyone can hear her, after all, so it falls to us, the snake shamans, to reach those who can’t hear her voice yet. The serpents must show the way.

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