Saturday, April 04, 2009

Walking Gods: Who Are You?, pt. 1, 377 words

(Some fluff from a game I was working on a while ago, and really need to get back to. "Lords of Light" isn't flowing for me tonight, so you get this instead. Sorry.)

You are a being known as a godwalker, a person with access to vast and dangerous magical powers. You move covertly amongst the rest of humanity, your influence felt but your hand unseen. You are a secret master of the world.

You are not alone.

Godwalkers have existed throughout human history; the potential has always been within us. By their mere presence, they have guided the general thrust and flow of history, mythologized as king-gods in ancient Sumer and Egypt, revered as shamans in Stone Age tribes, and vilified as Satanic leaders of magical cults in modern history. But for every one that enters the public eye, many more remain hidden and work their will upon unwitting humanity.

Godwalkers learn to master their inner god, or what some call the God Within. Those who take this point of view believe that everything has a personal god – every rock, tree, bird, beast, mountain, river, continent... Even people. In becoming human, however, we have somehow lost connection to our personal gods. The godwalker retains that connection, or perhaps just rediscovers it. (A distinction of which the implications matter greatly. If godwalkers could be manufactured instead of found, many would kill for knowledge of the process. Many have killed on rumors of such a process being discovered, especially during the centuries when alchemy ruled the physical sciences.) Power arises from making the God Within submit to your will.

Just because everything has a god, though, doesn't mean that one is required to respect those gods. One treads on gods every day when they walk over grass, step on an ant, or even when one has only concrete and asphalt underfoot. In a world where gods reside in everything, divinity is cheap. Very few godwalkers are pacifists, and one who is will find himself quickly disabused of his high-minded ideals by the cold ruthlessness of other godwalkers. After all, every human struggle is about one of two things: survival, and power. Those who don't have to fight to survive will fight for power, and the power an ascendant godwalker has over the shape of history and the hearts of men is the highest there is to be found. If you don't fight for power, you'll be stuck fighting just to survive.

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