Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Aten't Dead

No, I haven't forgotten about this place. The past few days of thinking have been helpful, even if I'm not sure how they'll reflect on the actual quality of writing. However, I think that I've made some strides in my... understanding of how to plot, and how "Another Angel Down" must go.

It helps immensely, of course, to have actually developed something of a plan. About where things are going, the major themes I want to touch on, the relationships between the characters. I've been going about this all wrong all this time.

I've been calling this blog a place for my "glorified outlines," but what I've been doing is flailing blindly through my first drafts with no planning. No, an outline can be done on a few pages without devoting months of daily writing. And knowing where I'm going can save me no end of frustration when it comes to actually sitting down and writing. (This is, indeed, how I tend to live my life; flailing around blindly without a plan, and facing a great deal of frustration when it comes to actually trying to do anything I want. But that's something to discuss elsewhere, not here.)

Hopefully, I'm doing things right, now. Or, at least that I'm going in the right general direction.

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