Saturday, October 17, 2009

Plotting Break

Taking a few days to try to analyze my plotting skills/tools and see if I can't sharpen and refine them. I experience my own stories too much like my own characters, seeing them in the single layer of "what's happening," and not enough like a composer bending multiple layers together into a cohesive whole.

"Another Angel Down" isn't helping much on this, considering it's written from a first-person perspective. And my other stuff has been third person limited, not omniscient.

It's troublesome being able to see these problems and not knowing how to contend with them. How to correct them. It doesn't help that, when it comes to learning things, I have a hard time internalizing processes. I can grasp something in terms of facts (aspects), but in terms of how to do it (the whole)? Not so easy.

I feel sometimes like I'm trying to divine fiction writing from first principles. I know I'm actually not, considering all the stuff I've read and watched that I'm consciously and unconsciously drawn on, but still.

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