Friday, March 26, 2010

"The Free," Antichrist, pt. 2, 426 words

“Well, as the saying goes, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a conspiracy. And when the angels and demons came out to play, we knew for certain who the conspirators were.

“There are no estimates for how many people are left. If it's anything worldwide like what I've seen in the past year of travels, then I'd estimate less than a billion. Far, far less. And so, if you are hearing this, you are a survivor of the biggest war in history.

“Those who side with the angels, both kinds, claim that those taken were lifted up to Heaven or conscripted into Hell to escape this broken remnant of a world and join the winning side. They were the saved. The elect.

“I've talked to angels. And I've talked to demons. The Rapture was the opening salvo.

“There are no more good people in the world anymore. There are no more bad people. There are only us: those caught in between, the unacknowledged bastard children. Us... and the invaders.

“I'm no savior. I'm no messiah. I'm not here to offer you succor or one last chance at salvation. I'm here for one thing only: to tell you, ask you, plead you – beg of you on my knees, if need be – to stop.

“Stop playing the game. No matter which side you play, they win and you lose. Playing at all is a loss.

“There's a phrase, a title thrown about too-casually in pre-End politics, especially here in the United States. It refers to the one who, at the end of everything, rises up in defiance of God's plan. There were whole industries based upon speculating about their identity, the signs of their coming, their plans and goals.

“The word you are thinking of is Antichrist.

“My name is David Arthur Freeh, and I name myself Antichrist. I defy the powers of Heaven and of Hell, I spit on the names of God and Satan both. I refuse to follow their plan.

“And I beg of you, if you hear this message: join me. Defy the invaders. Flee them if you must, fight them if you can. Become antichrist. Even if they drive the last of us to extinction, die with the simple dignity of knowing that even in the face of Armageddon, you stood before them instead of cowering at their sides.

“This is our world. If we can't stop them, we can at least die free.”

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