Monday, May 24, 2010

"Stormborn," House Gorav, pt. 1, 222 words

Ludo of Kir is an oddity amongst House leaders. He is not starborn – he is not even of the Gorav blood. He began his career as an engineer in the Empire’s siege corps, a military body used to trap annoying commoners and embarrassing young nobles in a dead end. The siege corps had been moribund for centuries, after the Empire had solidified its hold on the continent. As an overseas war of conquest was not and has not been in Taal’s interests, the siege corps became useless, maintained at a minimum standard of readiness. Even that standard declined over the centuries, until just thirty years ago, when a commoners’ revolt managed to capture a Gorav fortress that oversaw Ludo’s home city of Kir. Considering the fortress was of Gorav make, it was nearly impenetrable once taken. Ludo, the head of the last intact company in the siege corps, was tasked with cracking the fortress open – both because of his knowledge of the region and the fortress as a former Gorav factor, and because his superiors found him annoying enough to hope that he failed. Instead, he succeeded brilliantly by winning the trust of the rebellion’s leader and an old friend – the same woman in one – and sharply betraying that trust once he learned the weaknesses of her defenses.

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