Saturday, May 29, 2010

Superheroes, LAN, pt. 2, 166 words

Pariah has been playing the anti-hero ever since. He uses his powers more personally now, preferring to fight directly instead of providing support -- mostly because nobody else will have him on their side, now. He uses his telepathy to plant suggestions and fear into the minds of his foes, to erase his presence from their minds, and has started dabbling with mind control to turn enemies against one another. His technopathic powers have made almost any mechanical or electronic device more current than the transistor radio into his plaything, and he exploits them to near-lethal effect. Most modern facilities have the potential to become death traps in his hands. He's still not a very strong physical combatant, but he's been working on that. And his reputation is almost as effective now in cowing criminals as any power.

As soon as he finds out who set him up, though, there's going to be nothing holding him back from annihilating his foe's mind and destroying his body.

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