Saturday, October 02, 2010

"Goetia," Symbolism, pt. 2, 368 words

So far as Sean knew, Asmoday had neither boyfriend nor girlfriend – nor, for that matter, any variety of significant other. During a working lunch at one of the little on-campus cafes, Sean had hesitantly commented on a sprightly young woman walking by, only for Asmoday to snap at him for getting distracted. Similar test results came back when using a delightfully muscled fellow in a tight shirt as subject. At this point, Sean was pretty sure that Asmoday just didn't do anything, at least not anything that belonged to the meat world.

Asmoday reached the end of his circuit and spun about to begin pacing across the meeting room once more. He gestured, and a signal pinged Sean's PAN, and that of everyone else watching. A hexagram appeared on Sean's screen lenses, imposed on the background behind Asmoday's pacing figure as if projected on the wall. It was bound in a circle, with Alpha and Omega, Tau, and the syllables of Tetragrammaton arrayed around and within the hexagram's borders. One of the systems on Sean's network helpfully tagged the hexagram as the Seal of Solomon, and offered links to various metaspace sites for further information. He blinked them away, concentrating on what Asmoday had to say.

“Most everyone these days knows this symbol, or something like it,” Asmoday went on. “A binding circle to hold demons and spirits in thrall, so that the mere mortal might command them and bend their expertise to his will. Ancient superstition and absurdity, of course. There's no Hell from which to conjure its denizens. But the symbol remains. The demons remain.” He stopped, looking over everyone with a calm, measured gaze, and tapped his temple. “They remain in here.”

He resumed pacing, hands clasped behind his back. “This is what it would mean for us, to become the Goetia. To assume the public persona of the demons that hide in the heads of others. This symbol,” and he gestured to the Seal, “shows how we may be chained to productive use, but the legends also warn that it is not absolute. The Seal must be handled with care lest the demons get hold of it themselves.

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