Sunday, October 03, 2010

"Goetia," Symbolism, pt. 3, 403 words

“We may be demons, but we shall be demons of our word. Noble demons. Treat fairly and wisely with us, and you shall get what you desire, but do not be surprised if we lash out at being handled harshly or foolishly. And just as Solomon built his Temple with the Goetia's aid and expertise, so shall ours be invaluable in building the future for our employers.”

Asmoday paused, looking off in the distance for a spare couple seconds to gather his thoughts. “Some of you, particularly within the founding core of our group, have heard some of this before. The rest of you have been invited to hear this for a reason. Each of you has an invaluable talent to lend the Goetia, as well as a personality and views that would mesh well into the group. Most of you are the rising stars in your fields, with knowledge and a certain daring to push your limits, a trait lacking in many others.

“What I am proposing is an economic alliance of the brightest talents in the Solar system, from psychology to quantum physics, marketing to computer science. Think of the Goetia as the most elite of talent agencies, and yourselves as the celebrity power to be managed and supported. Those few of us who have already self-incorporated have some of the highest stock values of any individuals of our generation, and I trust that the rest of you would join us on these lofty heights if you followed suit. I want to put that all that power to work together.

“Think about it.”

The Seal of Solomon faded away behind Asmoday, and the lights rose in the room. Asmoday sat down at the head of the room's only table and plunged immediately into work on his PAN, while the others present began talking quietly or getting up and leaving. He appeared to type on air, using a virtual keyboard which nobody else's systems had permissions to visualize properly. Even Sean had never gotten a look at how Asmoday set up his control scheme.

Sean rose from his seat at the foot of the table and went to approach Asmoday. It had taken Sean nearly a month to learn to ignore that closed-off aura the older man wore like a shield while he worked, else nothing would get done – Asmoday didn't even seem aware he projected it.

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