Monday, October 04, 2010

"Goetia," Symbolism, pt. 4, 377 words

He stopped short when he noticed another person coming up the other side of the table, a tall woman with a purposeful stride and an expression of cold disinterest on her fair features. She, for one, didn't seem the least bit perturbed by Asmoday's off-putting aura, and without a moment's hesitation crossed the invisible border that held most back. Asmoday looked up at her approach, betraying no surprise, delight, nor any other emotion. If she was unexpected, he didn't show it.

They looked... good together, Sean realized with a momentary pang of jealousy. She was slender, tall, and very WASPy, with long blonde hair pulled back to accentuate sharp features and icy light-blue eyes. An image of sharp, lean professionalism complementing and complemented by the strong sense of presence and energy Asmoday wore like a cloak. If Sean didn't know better, he'd say the man was the face to the woman's managerial talents.

The two spoke quietly for a few moments before Asmoday's gaze started to drift sideways. So, not something he felt required his full attention. Asmoday's eyes lit upon Sean and he gestured for the younger man to come closer. The woman paused, looking over to see just for whom Asmoday thought it worth interrupting their discussion. She frowned.

“This is my assistant,” Asmoday said by way of introduction. “He has potential, though he still needs to be cut and polished. Call him Agares.” A file uploaded to Sean's PAN, from Asmoday, and opened to reveal a picture of something like a stylized shield with wings. A small text summary explained: it was the lamen of Agares, Duke and Governor of 31 Legions, the symbol by which the demon could be conjured – and the digital nametag that marked its bearer as one of the Goetia, visible only to others of the group via AR lenses like the glasses Sean wore, and to whomsoever they chose to display it.

Sean blinked. Asmoday had dumped a Goetic name on him as casually as he poured a cup of coffee. Sean had no sense up till that moment that he was to be marked as one of the elect. Now, with his own lamen, similar badges appeared over the hearts of Asmoday and the woman.

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